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Everything has been the first time,
Everything has been the first time, deeply imprinted in my mind, how can I wipe
it off. This is not the case. Every time before the exam, my first time there
will be a scene of cheating, reminding myself to be honest.s only in the third
grade at that time. I have been well-received, excellent in performance, and
able to sing and dance. I am deeply loved by my classmates. My teacher��s love,
especially after the story of the "Southeast Morning Post" Education Weekly [URL=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cigarette Online[/URL], I even raised my tail,
thinking: and my classmates. In comparison, I can be regarded as a standout. I
thought about it in my heart [URL=www.cigarettesonlinesale.com]Marlboro
Cigarettes[/URL], and I slowly relaxed in my studies: I was distracted in class,
scribbled, and sloppy in my work... My changing mother looked in my eyes,
eagerly in my heart, and educated in my heart, but my left ear went in, my right
ear came out, a little Don't worry about itn, the mid-term exam is coming. I
walked into the examination room and thought: If you are a genius like me, you
can do it with a slap in the face. You don��t have to review it from morning to
night [URL=www.wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Cigarettes Price[/URL], you can
take the first place and let you be convinced!ried to curl it down. I quickly
read it again. I was stupid at once, and I had a big eye and a small eye with a
strange topic: What is the synonym how do I think about the multi-syllable word
of "Tibet"? I can't get up; the author of the poem "Drinking on the lake after
the first rain and the rain" is Su Shi or Li Bai... Hey, I have known each other
on these topics, that is, I have no intention to remember, and now I am not
serious about the dumb loss. passed, and some students have already handed in
the papers. But there are still three or four questions on my paper, what should
I do? If I am a "turtle", isn't it necessary for everyone to laugh at the big
die? I think that my classmates might be pointing at the back and saying, "Hey,
if you take a few points and dare to look down on others," my heart is full, and
one thought flashes: copy the answer to the same table. think of it, I seem to
be looking for a tiger to borrow a courage. I walked over my head and looked at
the test paper on the same table. Haha, I really saw it [URL=www.cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Lights[/URL]. I quickly wrote the answer to
the workmanship. . I thought that all this was done seamlessly. Who knows but
could not escape the fire of the teacher. She walked straight, and I was nervous
to hear the sound of "squeaky", thinking: bad, if the teacher painted on the
paper A "duck egg", am I not stigmatic? Fortunately, the teacher just said
meaningfully: "Honesty is more important than achievements!"next few days, my
heart always mentioned the eyes of the blind: strange, why didn't the teacher
come to me to "calculate"? During the mid-term examination, I curled up and I
glanced at the score nervously. Fortunately, the score of "98" was the first in
the class at the same table. When commenting on the examination papers, the
teacher said quietly: "Zhou's reading at the same table is serious, and it is
the first place in the name." The students listened and applauded
enthusiastically. Only I know that the teacher is doing no name criticism and
leaving me ae the courage to ask the teacher to admit the mistake [URL=www.smokingsalestore.com]Carton Of Newports[/URL]. I wrote a note saying,
"I will correct the mistake and e I cheated, like brewing a cup of bitter wine,
drinking it, and being numb and spicy, but let me wake up immediatel
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