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A lot of things happen every day in
A lot of things happen every day in life, and most of them have gradually faded
away, but many of them are deeply engraved in the depths of my mind for the
first time [URL=www.100scigarettes.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/URL]. In my heart,
the most memorable thing is the experience of the first time to wash shoes [URL=www.wholesalenewport.com]Cigarettes Online[/URL], but it is a fuss. like to
be on the basketball court. After a game, the stinky shoes on my feet can kill
the flies and mosquitoes in the room. When the mother washes, she often pinches
her nose. On this day, my mother announced loudly: "You are already thirteen
years old, and the shoes must be washed by themselves." is this difficult? I
took the shoes without conviction and put them in the laundry pool. Strange, why
don't I feel stinky, is it "a long time I don't know how it tastes"? Unscrew the
faucet and wash the shoes in the cold water bath. I quickly picked up the wet
shoes, rubbed the water inside the shoes and quickly applied the washing powder.
By the way, the shoes are so dirty, just a little more [URL=www.cigscoupons.com]Marlboro Red 100S[/URL]. Thinking of this, I poured all
the half-pack of washing powder into the belly of the shoe, thinking: pickled
and marinated.verything is ready, you can move the brush. I picked up my sleeves
and took a brush and brushed it. Strange, how did the bubble pop up so much:
some flew into the sky; some flew to my face; more crowded on the water... The
naughty brother shouted happily: "Blowing bubbles." Mother heard a pot of
porridge outside, and came out of the room to look at it. He was so angry that
he screamed and shouted: "What are you messing around?" I said with a sigh of
relief: "It��s just that the washing powder has fallen. "Mom asked in surprise:
"How much is it?" I honestly said: "Half-pack." When the mother heard it, she
was so scared that she could almost put an egg.first sight, the situation was
not good. I immediately opened the faucet to the maximum and rushed the bubble
to the sewer. The water of the white flower rushed for five minutes, ten
minutes, fifteen minutes [URL=www.wholesalenewport.com]Newport Cigarettes
Coupons[/URL]... the shadow of the bubble no longer appeared. The mother didn't
beat me. She shook her head and said, "It takes almost ten dollars for washing
powder and water to add up."at is to say, the shoes have to continue to wash. I
learned this now, without washing powder, directly put on soap. This move will
work immediately, and the bubble will not fly again. I used 18 martial arts to
wash my shoes: licking [URL=www.wholesalenewport.com]Marlboro Cigarettes
Price[/URL], rubbing, rubbing, brushing... After five minutes, I said to my mother
happily: "The shoes are clean." Mom poured a cold water: "Shoelaces Why didn't
you take it down and wash it?" No way, I had to rework.y for an hour, use a lot
of water, fee to half a pack of washing powder, the story of the first time to
wash shoes finally ended. From this incident, I understand the truth: Everything
is difficult at the beginning, and w  
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