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Tour Sanqingshaning the
Tour Sanqingshaning the National Day holiday, I came to Sanqingshan. It is
located in Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. Sanqing Mountain
gathers the beauty of Huangshan Mountain, the spectacular scenery of Mount Emei,
and the steepness of Mount Huashan's aura. Shows a unique style. On the Sanqing
Mountain, there are various landscapes such as strange peaks, torrents, and
canyons. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of ��Sanqing World Show��.e Sanqing
Mountain, the most famous mountain peak is the ��Oriental Goddess��. She is 86
meters high and looks like a girl from all angles. She has a high nose, cherry
mouth, and short hair. Sitting quietly on the mountain, as if thinking, and
watching the distant mountains. Her realistic shape makes people wonder if it
was deliberately carved. According to legend, she used to be a farm girl under
the mountain [URL=www.smokingsalestore.com]Wholesale Newport Cigarettes
Cartons[/URL]. In order to save the folks, she revealed that the Jade Emperor
wanted to turn Sanqingshan into the sea and turn the people into fish. The Jade
Emperor turned it into this mountain. Since then, she guarded the mountains and
nights, guarding her loved folksition to this, there is also a great spectacle.
This peak rises up like a big stone pillar standing on top of the ground [URL=www.smokingsalestore.com]Order Newports Online[/URL]. Each stone pillar is
cut like a knife, neat and smooth, like a row of "bamboo slips." Not far from
the Bamboo slip, there is a mountain standing alone [URL=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price[/URL]. This peak
is about a hundred feet high. There is no support on the side, and the peak is
slightly curved, such as a giant urn standing in the mountains. Legend has it
that Taishang Laojun played chess on the Yujing Peak and played with the crowds.
Suddenly he heard a loud noise from the mountain. At first glance, it turned out
to be a giant smashing rock, and wanted to hurt an old woman not far away [URL=www.usacigs365.com]Cigarette Kinds[/URL]. Laojun suddenly had a pity, and
he threw a bamboo slip to shake the giant. This giant python is the "big python
out of the mountains" under the Jane Book Peak, and the "wann sacred sky" is the
bamboo slip.he mountains, there is also a strange stone named "Jade Girl Open"
[URL=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping[/URL]. If you
don't look at it, you really can't see the mystery inside. If you take a closer
look, you will suddenly realize it. The so-called "Jade Girl" is a girl, and
"opening up" is the action of embracing. At this time, you will see a young girl
with arms wide open as if to hug you.the steep cliffs, there is a "white dragon"
coiled with colorful scales flashing on it. Looking at it, the "White Dragon"
was originally a plank road, and those colorful scales were originally tourists.
I really don't understand, how is this plank road embedded in such a steep
mountain? And it is so strong. Looking down on the back of the "White Dragon",
the tall mountain has become so small, which not only makes me feel scared. At
this time, I seemed to be a giant, and I opened up the clouds, and I could see
all kinds of scenery, so that I really realized the poetry of "listing the
mountains and small mountains." Walking on the plank road, it seems like a cloud
in the fog, the foot is a deep abyss, the cliff is on the head, it is really
thrilling, and amazing. As the space changes, the peaks under the feet suddenly
become small and small, and suddenly become fat and thin. I have the feeling of
"looking at the side of the mounhan, let me witness the wonders of nature. I
admire it because it is a skilled craftsman who can forge a variety of strange
peaks, and each one is unique. It is a world-famous painter who paints nature so
beautifully with a little brush. It is also a poet who gives nature such a
subtlety by simply turning the pen and ink. However, driven by the interests,
some people have left the protection of the environment aside, leaving the
blessings of nature to us, destroying the environment and causing disasters for
mankind. Seeing such beautiful nature, do you have the heart to hurt  
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