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Take off! Huaxia Shenlongteacher,
Take off! Huaxia Shenlongteacher, dear classmates, everyone! The topic I am
addressing for you today is "Take off!" Huaxia Shenlong.herland is another
mother of ours. She was not as prosperous and strong as she is now. She has a
long history, suffered from vicissitudes of life, and has been invaded by the
barbaric imperialists many times, leaving many indelible marks on the vast land
of China [URL=www.usacigs365.com]Buy Marlboro Cigarettes[/URL]. Our mother,
the strength is not as good as the aggressor, the door of the feudal society was
forcibly opened by the artillery, the Qing Dynasty has been crumbling, and it is
vulnerable.reat Wall and Yuanmingyuan simply cannot stop the aggressiveness of
the aggressors. In 1860, the Eight-Power Allied Forces rushed into the
Yuanmingyuan and ransacked it. A fire destroyed this magnificent resort. The
Nanjing Massacre, 100,000 troops died.he case of disparity in strength, our
heroic sons and daughters of China did not yield, and stood tall and rushed to
the battlefield to fight for the future of the motherland [URL=www.smokingsalestore.com]Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons[/URL]. Mr. Lu
Xun used the pen as a sword to save the souls of the sons and daughters of China
and to resist stubbornly with the aggressors.nchang Uprising brought hope to the
people to defeat the aggressors. An earth-shattering battle of the Hundred
Regiments, Commander-in-Chief Zhu De personally directed this earth-shaking and
magnificent battle [URL=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Cheap Marlboro Free
Shipping[/URL]. His outstanding military commanding ability effectively hit the
Japanese for three months. The arrogance of occupying China within the country
is even more convincing that China��s anti-Japanese war will win. After an
arduous eight-year war, we finally drove the aggressors out of our country. On
October 1, 1949, our great Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly announced in the
Tiananmen Gate Tower that the People's Republic of China was established [URL=www.vonderhain.com/marlboro]Marlboro Red 100S Carton Price[/URL].then,
shame and sadness have become a thing of the past, and our mother has ushered in
a glorious day. The plan of Deng Xiaoping��s grandfather��s reform and opening
up has brought our motherland��s mother to a beautiful and prosperous road. The
return of Qian Xuesen's grandfather has greatly enhanced our China's strength.
In 2008, our country's athletes played a high level of technology at the Beijing
Olympics and won 51 gold medals, ranking first in the world. Since then, we are
no longer "sick man of East Asia".otherland is a dragon that is taking off in
East Asia and is a rising sun on the horizon. The motherland is in the hearts of
all of us, ILOVEYOU, CHINA!nt: The history of the motherland is clear [URL=www.usacigs365.com]Newport 100 Cigarettes[/URL], the sentence is powerful,
passionate, and magnificent. It is a successful work.  
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